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MOR Pavilion Paver DONORS

Scott and Diane Adams

Elizabeth Ahmed

Kathy and Ray Albrektson

Nadita Alhadef

Amy Alsup

Kimberly and Danny Anderson

Elizabeth Bawden

Richard and Mary Bawden

Dennis and Trudy Barton

Dale and Gene Bauer

Gregory and Carlena Baugh

Steven and Vickie Becker

Mark and Liz Beguelin

Friends of Carol Betancourt

Patti and James Belote

Nancy Bierlein

Tom and Deborah Berg

Toby and Priscilla Bowler

Cecelia Breyer

Randy and Lauren Briggs

Elaine Brubacher


Larry and Char Burgess

Mark and Rachelle Bussell

Mike and Lainey Carmen

Mike Carson/Ron Steigerwalt

Gary and Valerie Chan

Bev Ching and Fred Theurkauf

Citrus Belt Quilters

Kim Clark

Garry and Elaine Cohoe 

Barbara Lyle

Richard and Laurie Shelbourne

Nicholas and Amber Costa

Barbara Riordan

Dana Cramer

Larry Curti

Tom and Julie Cutler

Marty and Jane Davis

Friends of Robert Dawes

Bob Denham

Bill Derrenbacher

Michael Dieden

Jeff and Julie Dill

Tom and Kay Dobbertin

Phillip L. Doolittle

Bonnie Durban

Bill and Nan Emmerson

Elwyn and Carolyn Erickson

David Farmer

Sue Fawcett

Ralph Feller 

Maximus Bernie Feria

Marietta Ferre

Jerry and Staci Fields

Kent and Mary Fogleman

Barbara Ford

Bernice M. Foster and Scott H. McCraw 

Scott and Franci Free

Mick and Sandie Gallagher

Robert Garcia 

Larry and Gillian Geraty

Rosa Gomez

Julie Phelps

Halcott Grant

Robyn Gullickson

Dorothea Hackenberg

Jeanne Brown

Karen Hansberger

Sheila Hansberger

Shirley Harry

Bill and Lori Hatfield

Andrew Hartzell

Betsy and Bob Heinze

Bruce and Deborah Hinckley

Sandra Hinerman

Bob and Patty Hodges

Greg and Lori Horter

Lloyd and Jan Jacobson

Julie Jerome

Christopher and Melanie Jobe 

Harry and Evamarie John

Richard and Mary Lou Jones

Ron and Kay Kallander

Renee Kern

Ronald and Janice Kibby

Kiwanis Club of Redlands

Les Kong and Pamela Ong

Gary and Marjie Kooiman

Pete and Melissa Koss

Leadership Redlands Class of 2023

Kenneth and Cheryl Lee

Rev. Lowell and Shirley Linden

Friends of Todd Loza

Janice and David Wren

Greg and Gine Malachowski

Bert Marcum

Michael and Dana Mathey

Spencer and Ilana Mathey

Dave and Robin Maupin

Allan and Joan McCall

Chalmer and Sue McClure 

Rebecca McCurdy

David and Diana McLaughlin

Molly McLaughlin

John and Kay McMunn

Carolyn Wormser Medina

Andrew Medrano and Tanya Emershy

Bob Menke

Barbara Merrill

Devin and Mallory Mudge

Germaine Miles

Norman and Mary Jane Miner

Larry and Cindy Munz

Tim and Meike Murone

Dick and Barbara Nance

Boyd Nies

Darrel & Sherri Olson 

Bernie and Evelyn O'Prey

Tom B. Paine

Ron and Joyce Perry

Julie Phelps

Holly Porter

David and Cindy Raff

Eloise Gomez Reyes

Alen and Carolyn Ritchie

Jon and Sabine Phillips

Sally and John Robertson

Tim and Carol Rochford

Nancy K. Rogers

Rotary Club of Redlands

Kate Salveeon

Eileen Sanborn

Craig and Cathy Schilling

Pam Schroeder

Dr. Edward & Linda Serros

Radha and Praful Shah

Wendy Wallace

Rick and Mary Sidor 

Joe & Diane Sidor 

Jerilynn Smith Crivello

Marilyn Solter

Mark Solter

Tilden and Nancy Spencer

Steve and Leda Stockton

Cathy and Dave Stockton

Brook, Lisa and Hudson Stuck

Monte and Nelda Stuck

Stephen and Sue Teele

John and Karen Tincher

Dr. Ryan and Miriam Tolsma

Paul and Baljit Toor

Bill and Laura Turnpaugh

Mark Van Mouwerik

Jan and Marcia Van Mouwerik

Benjamin Vesper

Daniel Viramontes

Christopher Niles Walker

Neal and Joyce Waner

John Ware

George and Helma Webber

Marion Weins

Dick and Liz Wilson

David Wood 

Danielle Wuchenich

John and Gayle Wuchenich

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Thank you to those who believe in the vision and supporting our paver campaign!

To purchase your own paver click here!

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