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Undiscovered Redlands

MOR Spring Program 2019

Dr. Ann Cordy Deegan presented a new source for medical and genealogy research at the Museum of Redlands Spring Program on April 7, 2019. Nearly 200 people were in attendance at the Contemporary Club to hear the interesting presentation about a searchable database created from 1,937 Death Cards. The cards came to the Heritage Room as part of a collection of early City of Redlands documents. The death cards were created to record deaths occurring in Redlands between 1889 and 1905. These death records were probably required by the State of California. The doctor attending the death of each person was required to fill out a card listing a variety of personal information. In some cases this included current and former addresses. Dates of birth and parents names are on many of the cards. The cards also contain the cause of death.

Hidden Stories and Helpful Information

Dr. Deegan shared some of the hidden stories revealed by these cards and showed how the information can assist in a search for family information. Instead of paying for a copy of a Death Certificate, the cards contain much the same information and the database is free. The database can be accessed through the Heritage Room at A. K. Smiley Public Library.

What Can YOU Do?

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