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Keeping a Museum Cool is a Big Deal!

A modern museum needs special heating, air conditioning, and de-humidifying systems. The MOR’s $1 million custom designed system was ordered in the summer of 2022 and finally arrived in August. A very rare-for-California Tropical Storm (the last one was in 1938) hit Southern California on August 19 and 20. The very next day, the muddy, travel weary trucks arrived with the final delivery of this equipment and Monte Stuck was there with his camera to record the event. Here is what he had to say:

“This morning after [Tropical Storm] Hilary, the crews delivering our major air conditioning

system were at work early. By 8 a.m. a very large crane had been positioned, its four legs extended for stability and the crane's steel counterweights installed. Two trucks had been on the road for three days loaded with the four units of this major air conditioning system. On

the side of the vinyl covering each unit were printed the words 'Museum of Redlands' and the weight (8791 lbs for this first unit, 'M2'). So everyone across the country is probably wondering, ‘where is this Redlands and what are they about to receive that weighs so much?’ A permanent plaque attached to the first unit has the signatures of about 3 dozen folks who built the system who could answer that question. And those folks could tell you that this system was custom-engineered and built specifically to meet our museum specs.”

ACH Mechanical Contractors, Inc (a Redlands-based company) took on the job of coordinating the production of the system specifically engineered to fit the Johnson Favaro

architectural plans.

This system is designed to meet the highest standards for certified museums. The air will be controlled and conditioned by a combination of equipment built with components from all over the world including South Korea and Canada. The next few months will be devoted to connecting all the electrical and building the duct work for the main museum building. All this must take place before interior walls can be finished and the museum made ready for occupancy some time in 2024.

Help us finish The MOR! Pavers are still available for engraving and donations of all sizes are gratefully received. Visit the Give tab of for more information.

Click on the photo of the big truck arriving at the MOR below to see a slideshow of all the photos from that day. All photos by Monte Stuck.

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