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Movers and Shakers Benefit MOR

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Did You Get a Copy?

On Sunday, April 22, 2018, Nelda Stuck unveiled her new book, Redlands Movers and Shakers, Centennial to Millennium, 1980 to 2002. The program at the Contemporary Club was attended by over 250 members of the Redlands community, many of them enjoying the recognition of being featured in one of the book’s collection of photographs. The book will continue to be for sale through the A.K.Smiley Public Library.

Who is Nelda Stuck?

Nelda Stuck spent forty years as a journalist with the Redlands Daily Facts, primarily as the Community and Arts Editor. In this role, she came to know most of the citizens of Redlands involved with music and arts. Over the years, Stuck witnessed the establishment of arts in public places, the restoration of many private and public buildings and saw the growing need for a museum to preserve and display the many interesting and important pieces of art and ephemera tied to Redlands’ history.

How did the MOR get started?

In the late 1990s, Nelda Stuck and Liz Beguelin (then President of the Redlands Historical Society) got together to study the possibilities for the development of a historical museum in Redlands. Nelda and her husband Monte began visiting historical museums around Southern California, gathering ideas and suggestions. She gave talks, organized programs and poked and prodded to get out the word that Redlands needed a place to protect and display artifacts from our history. An avid quilter and art aficionado, Nelda was acutely aware of the variety of artifacts that tell the story of this wonderful community. Should the museum be independent or should it become part of a larger organization?

The eventual solution was to operate the museum under the jurisdiction of the city’s A.K.Smiley Public Library much as the Redlands Lincoln Memorial Shrine operates. Several locations for the museum have been proposed over the years but nothing came to fruition until 2014 when the Redlands Daily Facts building became available. Thanks to the generosity of Clara Mae Clem, the building purchase was finalized. Tim and Carol Rochford purchased the vacant lot next door and donated it to MOR.

The architects of Johnson Favaro have transformed the property into a stunning design with state of the art display and conservation spaces. All the people of Redlands will benefit from MOR’s plans to celebrate and feature the history and culture of our diverse community. The current collection is in serious need of modern storage protection and exhibit spaces. Indoor and outdoor spaces will be available for community gatherings and education programs. Take a look at the Winter 2018 Newsletter for more pictures and details of the architectural plan.

What can YOU do?

As the people of Redlands come together to make the MOR a reality, we owe a big thank you to Nelda Stuck. Without her tireless efforts, it is hard to imagine we would be on the verge of welcoming this wonderful new institution to our town.

Buy the book! Make a donation to make MOR a reality!

Joan McCall is the author of Redlands Remembered, Stories from the Jewel of the Inland Empire, History Press, 2012.

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