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Serving The Country

The MOR Showcase Drawers are mini-collections of artifacts with various Redlands themes. This week we take a peek into the "Service" drawer.

This display shows an Army service coat from World War I.A commemorative ribbon is pinned on the coat with an inscription that reads: "Welcome Home June 12th 1919"

The Coat

The wool, WWI U.S. Army coat has two corporal stripes on the right shoulder, an honorable discharge stripe on the left shoulder, and a service stripe on the lower left. Two collar pins are affixed, a U.S. pin on the right and an artillery branch pin on the left.

The Letter

The display is completed with a letter written to "Laurie", dated September 5, 1917. It reads:

Dear Laurie, It surely was a surprise to hear of your being drafted, as I had no idea that you would be. I certainly hope that things work out agreeably for you. It seems too bad that we can't be in the same place, Had been expecting to see you...(the rest of the letter is out of sight).

The letter was written by Stanley Morrison to his brother Laurence S. Morrison. Laurence “Laurie” was 29 years old when he was drafted. Stanley was 4 years younger, and was a student at Harvard Law School when the US entered the war. Laurence was working in San Diego.


The MOR Showcase is a temporary construction of a museum gallery inside the old Redlands Daily Facts building on Brookside Avenue. This is the same building that will be completely reconstructed into the permanent Museum of Redlands.

Built in the fall of 2018, the Showcase is approximately 2,000 square feet, which includes galleries and displays to provide a glimpse into what the permanent museum could be like. It uses items from MOR's current collection. The Showcase will be removed once construction of the new building begins.

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