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MOR Showcase: The Redlands Water Connection

PHOTO ABOVE: A display at the MOR Showcase honors the significance of the Mill Creek Zanja with an imprinted quote from Horace Hinckley in 1972. While Hinckley is mostly known for his contributions to water rights and is honored and recognized with the naming of the Horace P. Hinckley Water Treatment Plant in East Redlands, he also had significant contribution with the rebuilding and design of Asistencia-San Gabriel Mission Estancia in Redlands that we see today.

Also known as the Sankey, the Mill Creek Zanja, was dug in 1819 and provided water to San Bernardino Estancia, the Rancho San Bernardino, and Redlands' domestic water supply. The Zanja was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977.


PHOTO: The Zanja as seen today. If you're interested in visiting the historic landmark, all you have to do is drive to Sylvan Park in Redlands.


"Did you know that the Zanja was used to fill the Sylvan Plunge? Sylvan Plunge is now a skate park. The diversion to the Plunge is located under University Street where the Zanja crosses. The water was held in the Plunge for 7 days and then drained back into the Zanja."

-Steve Stockton

President, MOR


PHOTO ABOVE: The water display, placed next to orange crates, as seen inside the MOR Showcase if you were standing in front of it. The hand water pump is from Pfeiffer Ranch in Redlands, which used to be located east of Colton Avenue.



The MOR Showcase is a temporary construction of a museum gallery inside the old Redlands Daily Facts building on Brookside Avenue. This is the same building that will be completely reconstructed into the permanent Museum of Redlands.

Built in the fall of 2018, the Showcase is approximately 2,000 square feet, which includes galleries and displays to provide a glimpse into what the permanent museum could be like. It uses items from MOR's current collection. The Showcase will be removed once construction of the new building begins.

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