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Redlands, Our Town, Our Legacy

This week, we peek into the Showcase Drawers, which are filled with an array of artifacts each displayed as part of a mini-collection with various themes. Here we look into the "Community Drawer".


1. Redlands High School Uniform Patch

2. Redlands Surrey Days Pin, 1948

3. "Pioneer Family" Redlands Centennial Pin, 1988

4. RHS Uniform Patch (circa 1941)

5. Redlands Junior High School Safety Club Pin, 1952-1953

6. University Campus Zanja Fiesta Pin, 1914

7. RHS Letterman Patch, 1938

8. Redlands Monopoly Board Commemorative Item to Celebrate Redlands' Centennial Anniversary

Below you will find a "close-up" preview of a few items


Item #2 Redlands Surrey Days - 60 Year Celebration

Item #3: "Pioneer Family" From the Redlands Centennial Celebration, 1988

Item #5 Safety Club Pin - The Safety Club was the forerunner of OSHA!

Item #6: 5th Annual Zanja Fiesta Pin, 1914

Item #8: Redlands Centennial Celebration 1888-1988

"Redlandsopoly Commemorating Our 100th Anniversary" comes with cards imprinted with local Redlands businesses with cost of rent. As seen on the detail images below.



The MOR Showcase is a temporary construction of a museum gallery inside the old Redlands Daily Facts building on Brookside Avenue. This is the same building that will be completely reconstructed into the permanent Museum of Redlands.

Built in the fall of 2018, the Showcase is approximately 2,000 square feet, which includes galleries and displays to provide a glimpse into what the permanent museum could be like. It uses items from MOR's current collection. The Showcase will be removed once construction of the new building begins.

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